Tungsten Carbide Flat Ring

Tungsten Carbide Flat Ring Picture
p>Chinatungsten Online, a professional Chinese manufacturer of tungsten carbide products,are always supply the finished and semi-finished products according to our clients' specific requirements.Tungsten carbide flat ring have always been our main products through the years, we have developed expertise in manufacturing a wide range grades of them.

Our material covers: WC-Co alloy, WC-Ni alloy, WC-Ni/Co alloy, WC-TiC-Ni/Cr alloy etc.
Fundamental Dimensions:
OD: 10~450mm

1.Sizes: All sizes are available;
2.Various shape and color available;
3.Different styles available;
4.High hardness,wear-resistant;
5.Never deform, never worn, never discolor and rust.

Chinatungsten Online tungsten carbide standard grades:

Grade Binder (Wt %) Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRA) TRS (≥N/mm²)
YG6 6 14.8 90.0 1520
YG6X 6 14.9 91.0 1450
YG6A 6 14.9 92.0 1540
YG8 8 14.7 89.5 1750
YG12 12 14.2 88.0 1810
YG15 15 14.0 87.0 2050
YG20 20 13.5 85.5 2450
YG25 25 12.1 84.0 2550

Why tungsten carbide jewelry are become more and more popular in recent years?
1.Tungsten carbide is the hardest metal available in the jewelry market and offers considerable strength and durability. 
2Tungsten is not different from titanium and steel, but when combined with carbon it becomes four times harder than titanium and two times harder than steel.  
3.These highly durable qualities make tungsten carbide ideal for other things like machine tools, sports equipment, and military products. When compared to titanium and steel, tungsten is a heavier and more durable product. 
4.The majority of tungsten rings have a masculine look to them, but with more modern designs being regular released, tungsten rings are becoming a popular choice for women as well.

We sincerely invite you to experience our good quality, excellent service, competitive price and various competencies.